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Tourism and lodging, including hotels, spas, and cruises, thrive on serving a quality customer experience.

Following are some concepts we use as a starting point for generating ideas. Contact us to discover how we may deliver specific value for your hospitality business.


Establish your brand from the get go.

Long wait times with unpleasant music can be particularly damaging to your relationship with customers. Having a bad experience with your business is unacceptable in any other category, but often businesses are willing to play obnoxious background music on their phone lines or in their waiting rooms, failing to notice the negative effects it could have. Instead of frustrating muzak, ambience creates a positive encounter for your customer, ensuring that if they have to notice the music as they wait, they remember it as being enjoyable.


Lower perceived wait time.

Being on hold or sitting in a waiting room are common occurrences for patrons. Any way that you can lessen the perception of wait times related to your business is beneficial to everyone involved. With ambience, customers listen to unobtrusive, high-quality music that is designed to make the wait times fly by.


Convey a sense of dynamic luxury.

In the restaurant, hotel, spa, and cruise settings, one of the most important aspects of presentation lies in the soundscape. With ambience, you can create a custom-tuned sound that changes between the different meals or times of day, while still retaining your desired atmosphere.


Boost performance mentally and physically.

It’s no secret that music is one of the most essential sources of inspiration for people when they work out. Being able to provide quality motivational ambience for gym-goers not only improves their experience, but improves their performance, making them that much more likely to remain a member.


Take a load off.

Nothing will take you out of a feeling of relaxation at a spa faster than pan flute music that’s been raised to earsplitting levels. The key to providing a tranquil and rejuvenating spa experience is to engage the senses of the guests as delicately as possible. Ambience provides you with a balanced soundscape that won’t disturb your spa’s atmosphere.


Don’t overpay for the same old song.

When eating a complimentary breakfast at a hotel or on a cruise, background music is a nice touch, but one that often gets overthought. When it comes down to it, guests don’t actually need to listen to popular licensed music while enjoying a yogurt parfait. Scrambled eggs don’t necessarily require Beyoncé power riffs when ambience offers you the perfect blend of quality and value.

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