For all industries

Depending on the industry and type of business, shared space and the ability to control the sound in that space will factor into the success of the enterprise in various specific and unique ways.

We’re dedicated to the scientific process and that means beginning a conversation with our customer, inquiring in earnest to deliver successful musical ambience for your shared spaces.

entertainment Casinos, lounges, amusement parks, and sports stadiums want to maximize excitement and commerce.
events Artist compilations, and venue ambience leverages familiar materials to build excitement for the feature shows.
healthcare Hospitals, clinics, and rehab centers seek optimal client experiences and outcomes.
hospitality Tourism and lodging, including hotels, spas, and cruises, thrive on serving a quality customer experience.
institution Workspaces, schools, offices, educational tours, and public exhibits compete for highest standards of public service.
manufacturing Factories and plants operate around the clock with a keen ear for safety and consistency.
retail Outlets, boutiques, and department stores maintain a steady brand presence to keep shoppers on task.
transportation Travel hubs, including airports, train stations, and bus stops are optimized for travelers to move like clockwork.
Let's talk solutions.

We are exclusively licensed to develop original commercial content with the entirely new AI‑enhanced XJ MUSIC technology.


Magnifying glass examining reports

Discover historical losses and gains for context.


Group of people meeting at a table

Collaborate to identify key opportunities.


Futuristic music studio and science lab

Articulate success through scientific development.


Media production factory and computer analytics

Conceive, prototype, build, test, analyze, and refine.